What’s New – A Lot!

Jackie Piro

Jackie Piro, Associate, MSBL Online

I have not blogged here because I’ve been so busy helping MSBL with their new revamped website. Our goal is to keep it fresh with new content each week. As you know HardBall Magazine has gone the way of the dinosaur. Read all about it here. I am uploading HardBall archived articles, and maintaining the new photo hosting site. I’m also helping write, design and send out email newsletters to keep our members up-to-date on what’s new on the site. Jeff McGaw (formerly HardBall Editor) is in charge of online reporting and he’s got a team out in Vegas right now.
I will occasionally blog back here, but only to urge you to go to the MSBL site for more information. I have to keep hardball.net open for at least another year as I migrate archival content over ot MSBL. What’s happening today is the championship games at the MSBL/MABL Las Vegas Kickoff (Week 1). Stories about the finals should be posted online next week. We sent Kickoff Managers an email urging them to upload any photos they or their families take in Las Vegas to our photo hosting site. I’ve been getting a LOT of league photos uploaded to date, and there are many many photo albums as a result–all submitted by MSBL/MABL members. I pick the best of the photos and submit them for consideration as possible Photos of the Week on the MSBL home page. Check it out, the link is on MSBL website home page. I also posted a “How-To” article to help members through the process of uploading their photos. Over and out for now.


About Jackie Piro

Freelance Associate, MSBL National online. Former Publisher and Managing Editor of HardBall Magazine, the magazine of the Men's Senior and Men's Adult Baseball League.
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