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I wish more people had Skype on their computer. I have had Skype for years. It is a FREE application that allows me to talk and video chat FREE over my PC with friends and relatives all over the globe…provided THEY have Skype also. So my goal is to get everyone on Skype. This includes you MSBL/MABL members! It’s really easy, you just go to and download their software. If you have a webcam you can video chat. Editor Jeff McGaw and I were video chatting this morning (he from Pennsylvania, me from California) about how nice it would be to be able to video chat with MSBL members around the country. So if any of you out there have Skype, email me at with your Skype ID. Think of the endless and wonderful uses for this. We could, for instance, interview members this way. You could have more than one person involved in the conversation just by sitting them in front of the webcam. Did I mention it’s FREE? Anyway, get Skype and email me when you do!


The Winter 2010-2011 issue of HardBall Magazine has mailed, so watch for it in your mailbox – it ships Periodicals Rate so it may take some time to reach you. I always breathe a sight of relief when that issue is out the door….and then I turn my full attention to my next task: the Spring/Yearbook issue, always a challenge. This year we are making the Yearbook more of a directory. Leagues will be listed whether they sent us their year-end reports or not.


At this year’s World Series, a team from our local North County San Diego MSBL league took home rings in the 60+ Wood Mountain Division: the San Diego North Indians, managed by Dave Hovland. They graciously dedicated their victory to the memory of my late husband, HardBall Publisher Dan Piro, who founded the San Diego North MSBL way back when. I was honored  to be invited to the team’s “Ring Party” held at Jim and Linda McArdle’s lovely home in Carlsbad. And  I was  totally overwhelmed when they presented me with a World Series Ring engraved with Dan’s name, and initials. Oh how Dan would have loved that. His son Danny will be the Keeper of the Ring. Who knows, maybe someday Danny will have one of his own. For now, the ring has a place of honor in our family room, next to a photo of Dan. League President Doug Johnson was also there and honored with a ring.

Thanks to the players and their wives for making me feel so welcome. What a great group of people! But that is what that the MSBL has plenty of: good people. Here is a photo I took of the cake!

Victory Cake


About Jackie Piro

Freelance Associate, MSBL National online. Former Publisher and Managing Editor of HardBall Magazine, the magazine of the Men's Senior and Men's Adult Baseball League.
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