Fall-Holiday Issue Mailing Now

Fall-Holiday Double Issue Mailing Now

The long-awaited Fall-Holiday double issue is mailing this week. Look for it in your mailbox soon. We were able to get all the MSBL World Series scores in and even included short recaps of each game, but the pages went to the printer too early to include the Fall Classic scores (that’s actually a good thing, because delaying the magazine for the scores would have made it very late). So we are working on getting those score online, all in one place.

Of course, the full reports on the two biggest MSBL National tournaments will appear, as usual, in our upcoming Winter issue (still in the writing/formatting stage). This year we had a big change, our usual photographers at the World Series, Chris Denevi and C.J. Jones, have disbanded and were unable to cover the tournament. Chris alerted me in advance and we were able to pull together a team of photographers (I’ll introduce them in a later post, but links to their photos and websites are already online here:  http://www.hardball.net/AdLinks.html– scroll down to view ). They did a great job and you’ll see the photos in the Winter issue, plus we managed to put a few in the Fall/Holiday issue, including a great cover shot by photographer Jamie Hines.  

But we do miss Denevi  & Jones – they were a valuable part of our team and their photos taken at past tournaments can still be viewed and purchased online at http://printroom.com/pro/deneviandjones.  Plus they were great people, nurses in the daytime, baseball fanatics the rest of the time! We wish them both well.

Save Time and $$$ – Do Your Holiday Shopping at HardBall online!

Our advertisers want your business and they are giving discounts now! We have links to their websites and more shopping options here: http://www.hardball.net/AdLinks.html and here: http://www.hardball.net/AdLinks.html — lots of baseball-related items. And some ideas for the woman in your life, too!

Coming Back from Shoulder/Knee Surgery? We want to hear from you!

For an article we are planning on how to get back to playing after surgery, we’d like to hear from MSBL/MABL members who have undergone surgery like knee replacements, rotator cuff, etc. What was your experience? How long did it take you to get back to playing? What advice do you have for other MSBL players who are facing surgery and rehab? Let us know, email me at info@hardball.net.


About Jackie Piro

Freelance Associate, MSBL National online. Former Publisher and Managing Editor of HardBall Magazine, the magazine of the Men's Senior and Men's Adult Baseball League.
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